YouTube Available On All Current Rokus

In case you missed it (I did).  About two days after getting update 5.4 Build 3358, the ‘official’ YouTube app became available for my Roku 2 XS.  I really like it.  This app supports pairing so I can send videos from my phone, PC, or tablet to my Roku.  It also supports a really nice implementation of continuous play.  More information here…


2 comments on “YouTube Available On All Current Rokus

  1. Does YouTube still work on the Roku 2 XS? I was told it wouldn’t work. And does it work via HDMI and composite?

    Wondering if it’s available on the other 2013 models, too, namely the Roku LT.

    • The latest update enabled the official YouTube app on the gen 2 Rokus — including the Roku 2 XS, the Roku LT, and the 2013 models. Video Buzz still works as well. Both of these Rokus support HDMI and composite.

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