Roku Benchmarks

I culled this information from a Roku developer’s thread.

The benchmark is a loop function in Roku’s brightscript code…

  • 1st gen (MIPS, <2200) = ~15.5k bogoloops/s (or ~64 microseconds/bogoloop)
  • Roku HD (2500) = ~58k bl/s (~17 µsec/bl)
  • 2nd gen (ARM, 3xxx) = ~68k bogoloops/s (~15 usec/bl)
  • new Roku 2 (2720) = ~78k bl/s (~13 µsec/bl)
  • 3rd gen (Roku3, 4xxx) = ~242k bogoloops/s (~4 usec/bl)

Graphically, the performance looks like this…


Roku has been streaming 1080p since the Roku HD-XR (N1101), so the increased performance of later models likely only impacts channel navigation (choosing a channel from the grid) and game/app play.  Roku has promised the new YouTube and Netflix apps will be ported to all Rokus intruduced from 2011 on, so it looks like 58k bogo loops is sufficient for those apps.  The 5x performance of the Roku 3 probably only makes sense for those who want to scroll up and down the channel list very quickly.




VideoBuzz, Again

A recent Roku update broke the VideoBuzz installation script by requiring a password for Developer Mode.  This, apparently, motivated the VideoBuzz gods to build a better script.  I tested the new script on a new Roku 2 XS and it worked great.  If you are tired of waiting for the Roku team to get their official channel on your Rokus, give VideoBuzz a try…

Avast did not find anything malicious in this script, but I have no first hand knowledge of the script, so use it at your own risk.  Their page also has a manual installation procedure.

PS, if you do not want to side load a channel, you can always use the What’s On app.  Install What’s On and set the zip code to ‘asecret’ (no quotes).  After a restart, you will have a new Videos selection that lets you browse ‘internet videos’ from various sources.

What’s on is not in the same class as VideoBuzz.  Happy streaming!