Roku Stumbles Again

Yesterday, Roku unveiled…nothing.  After getting slammed for removing composite out from the Roku 3, the popular internet streamer decided to stick to cosmetic changes for the rest of its streamers.

Unfortunately, the cosmetic changes came with confusing name changes.  Until yesterday, Roku had been naming its streamers with the following convention…

Brand + Generation + Model

So, we had a first generation Roku 1 and a second generation Roku 2 XS.  A second generation Roku LT muddied things up, but now we have third generation models called Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, and Roku LT.  And the new remotes take AAA batteries rather than AA which means about half the battery life.  The Roku 3 2 couples this with a headphone jack, so keep a box of batteries next to the easy chair.

The Roku 3 1 and the Roku 3 2 and the Roku 3 LT all have composite outputs — real rca jacks too AND they put a composite cable in the box (but you will have to supply your own HDMI cable).

And still no YouTube.

By Len Mullen Posted in News