What I Watch

Official Channels (available in the Roku Channel Store)
ADC: Free movie channel
Amazon Cloud Player: Play all the free music Amazon sends my way
CNN: Includes CNN International Live for background news and information
Crackle: Sony’s FREE version of Netflix
CS50: Harvard Intor to Computer Science course
Comedy Time: ‘Play All’ makes for good background noise
CBSSports.com: ‘Play All’ feature makes for a nice sports news channel
CNBC: Streaming business news for news and information
FoxNews: Stream from web site plus clips of popular shows with ‘Play All’
Kaplan College Prep: Help your kid with his SATs
Lecture Kings: Librivox audio box is hidden in a channel of university lectures
Nowhere TV: To install Nowhere TV on your Roku, click here
OVGuide: Free movie channel
Plex: Stream your own files and internet programming
Popcornflix: Classic movies
Popflix Classic TV: Classic television programs
PubDHub: ancient cartoons, PSAs, commercials, and movies
Smithsonian: Better than the Discovery channel
TWiT: Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte, and others talk tech
WSJ Live: WSJ had good election coverage

Unofficial Channels
MyVideoBuzz: MyVideoBuzz is a banned YouTube channel, but you can sideload MyVideoBuzz
Playon: To install the Private Playon channel, click here


3 comments on “What I Watch

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  2. Thanks for this site and this list. We are new to streaming and lookng to dump mostly unwatched cable. We already have an HD antenna for a few local channels here in the Toronto/Buffalo area. Where would I find out which of the above channels are free and which have costs? Is there a comprehensive list somewhere?
    Thanks again.

  3. All of the listed channels are free except that you have to have a Netflix subscription to watch the Netflix channel. I am very reluctant to purchase channels for the Roku given their history of blocking/banning channels without explanation. Playon, VideoBuzz, the Food Network, and the History Channel were all once prominent Roku content. Of these only Playon and VideoBuzz can still be used. Playon has to be loaded via a private link and VideoBuzz has to be sideloaded. So, if I am watching it on a Roku, it’s free 😉

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