Simple: Live Broadcast TV for the Roku

This is compiled from other sources as I do not have a Simple device.

Simple.TV is a device that let’s you stream and record over the air (OTA) programming.  The Simple device attaches to your own antenna, a USB disk you provide, and a wired ethernet connection.  Simple streams broadcast television to as many as five connected devices concurrently.  Simple is also a DVR.  It can record programs to an attached USB disk.

Simple.TV charges $149 for their DVR. For $299 you can purchase a Simple device plus their premiere guide lifetime license which schedules individual recordings and also entire seasons. You do not need to purchase the guide except you then lose access to a lot of extra features and will need to schedule your shows manually. The guide service is another $49 a year.

Simple is not for everyone, but if you are already receiving broadcast television via an antenna, Simple can add DVR function and stream to Roku boxes where you have no coax.

You can install the Simple Roku channel here.


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